Rebuilding AstDB

I had a strange issue today, one of my phones couldn't be dialed by other phone but it could dial out without any issues.
When someone dialed the extension they just got a busy tone.

After trying a lot of different things I went for help on IRC in the #freepbx channel.
Fortunately I got the advice to rebuild AstDB and that solved al issues I had.

Rebuilding AstDB is much easier than it sounds, just follow these steps:

1. Stop the asterisk service (in FreePBX you can just type: amportal stop)

2. Change your directory to: /var/lib/asterisk/

3. Rename astdb to astdbOLD (just type: mv astdb astdbOLD)

4. Start the Asterisk service again (in FreePBX type: amportal start)

5. In FreePBX go to extensions, click every extension and click submit on the bottom of the page.

6. When finished doing this click: Apply Configuration Changes


There is more than just extension configs stored in there. If you are not using some other features then you will be ok.

All sorts of other things are stored in there. I think maybe phonebooks and queues and conference rooms and ring groups etc. are all stored in there to name a few. So you probably need to go through all the modules in FreePBX and submit/apply any you are using..

Sorry for replying so late, your comment was not visible due to an error in my Drupal installation.

You are right, there is more stored in that file so keeping the old file as a backup is allways recommended!

In my case I had no problems with my queues (about 20) and ringgroups. I do not have conference rooms so cannot be sure of that.